What We Do.

Building people powered societies and economies using blockchain technology.

Moving to a people powered society requires change in the systems we use. Systems that 

define how we live, communicate, collaborate and operate on a daily basis. We need, for example, to move:

  • from centralized systems to decentralized ones;

  • from hierarchical power systems to flat peer-to-peer ones;

  • from closed and exclusive systems to open (source), inclusive and transparent ones;

  • from linear systems of production and consumption to more circular ones.

A system - a network, society, a world - where services such as communication, currency, utilities, trade, and social networking are powered and owned by the people; not by centralized single organizations. Blockchain technology enables us to build such systems.

We - alone and together with partners and stakeholders - conduct research, create and validate concepts, and experiment to find opportunities to create new models to collaborate, and how we do business and organize society.


sustainable innovative projects

Eat your own dogfood and put your money where your mouth is. From building collaborative communities to decentralized autonomous organizations, and from peer to peer exchange of value to alternative means to finance and bootstrap sustainable projects; we start our own projects to find new models to collaborate, and how we do businesses and organize society.


See a list of our current projects here.


with forward-thinking companies

We are partners and advisors to those working on solutions that contribute to creating people powered societies. These challenges relate to sustainability and the circular economy, and to freedom, autonomy, independence, inclusivity, and equality.

Read here what this entails and what we have worked on.

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the workforce of the future

Education is a key driver for change. That is why we actively work with students, lecturers and Universities. We prepare them for the new opportunities and models blockchain technology brings, and how this may impact the way we live, collaborate and do business. We aim to inspire them to take action and become a (regenerative) force themselves.

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