Blockchain technology.

We must move to a model - a society, an economy - that has sustainability rather than growth at its core. A model that, among others, does not operate on a linear make-use-waste system, but operates circular and aims to out-design waste, resource input and pollution. A model that is available and accessible to all, in where people are free, autonomous, and independent, and in control of their own lives.

Blockchain technology's features and values - e.g. decentralized, transparent, inclusive, equal, neutral, resilient, autonomous, collaborativematch extraordinary well with those of a circular economy, and a sustainable and inclusive society. Blockchain technology is a powerful tool and driver for change - both on a small local, scale as on a huge, global scale - and plays an important role in the people powered society we envision.

Indeed, blockchain is a technology, a facilitator, a digital common. This pack of technologies is our root, our fundament, our foundation, to build upon. People should not be bothered nor need to be aware that they are using blockchain technology. They should, however, be aware of the benefits it may bring to one's freedom, autonomy and opportunities - or better said, to the power it can give (back) to people.