We draw from experience from more than 30 projects in 7 countries. Below you find some of our current and previous projects.


Current projects

Blockchain for the circular economy

This includes 3 major areas: using blockchain technologies to (1) track the exchange of value ('waste'); (2) transparently and justly reward stakeholders; (3) set up alternative means to finance and bootstrap sustainable projects.

Tokenization of forests

Owning a forest contributes to preservation of nature, is relaxing to visit and is tax-free (in the Netherlands). However, forests are very illiquid investments, require specialized maintenance and -despite their stable value - returns are only potentially seen in the very long-term. How to use blockchain technology to manage ownership and equally distribute rents, while making investments in forests attractive and fun?

Blockchain technology for investing in and owning solar panel fields

Researching the feasibility of solar panels on Dutch grass land to produce energy and provide a habitat for small wildlife, while using blockchain technology to manage ownership and/or economic rights.

Previous projects

We have, among others:

  • created and validated new blockchain-based concepts, related to sustainable energy, circular economy, community currencies, real estate, smart cities, co-working spaces, peer-to-peer funds, and forests and land ownership;

  • developed educational programs on blockchain technology and tokenization of assets for Universities in the Netherlands, which are used from school year 2019 - 2020 onwards;

  • worked on public permissionless privacy-preserving blockchain for digital assets;

  • contributed to the development of one of the first MTF-regulated crypto exchanges;

  • helped a US-based wealth manager pioneer by structuring and filing the 3rd ever Regulation A qualification for a blockchain project with the SEC;

  • used blockchain technology and smart contracts for the issuance and transfer of financial instruments, such as shares and bonds;

  • built Decentralized Autonomous Organizations (DAOs) with master students;

  • educated businesses in the Netherlands, England, Germany, Switzerland, and the US on the applications and implications of blockchain technology;

  • developed a framework issuing a token to create sustainable blockchain ecosystems;

We are currently working on case studies, which will be posted on this page from August 2020 onwards.