We draw from experience from more than 30 projects in 7 countries. We have:

  • developed educational programs on blockchain technology and tokenization of assets for Universities in the Netherlands, which are used from school year 2019 - 2020 onwards;

  • created and validated new blockchain-based concepts, related to sustainable energy, circular economy, community currencies, real estate, smart cities, co-working spaces, peer-to-peer funds, and land ownership;

  • worked on public permissionless privacy-preserving blockchain for digital assets;

  • contributed to the development of one of the first MTF-regulated crypto exchanges;

  • helped a US-based wealth manager pioneer by structuring and filing the 3rd ever Regulation A qualification for a blockchain project with the SEC;

  • used blockchain technology and smart contracts for the issuance and transfer of financial instruments, such as shares and bonds;

  • built Decentralized Autonomous Organizations (DAOs) with master students;

  • educated businesses in the Netherlands, England, Germany, Switzerland, and the US on the applications and implications of blockchain technology;

  • developed a framework issuing a token to create sustainable blockchain ecosystems;

We are working on case studies, which will be posted on a continues basis.

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