Our Story.

Building people powered societies and economies using blockchain technology.

We believe in people powered societies. A society where people are free, autonomous and independent, and where they are the ones in control of their lives, decisions and assets. A society with sustainability and inclusivity at its core, and where wealth is created and fairly distributed without surpassing the boundaries of the earth’s natural systems.

People Powered Services

In people powered societies, services such as communication, currency, utilities, governance, trade, and social networking are powered and owned by the people; not by centralized single organizations. Realizing such a society requires change in the systems we use. Systems that define how we live, communicate, collaborate and operate on a daily basis. We need, for example, to move:

  • from centralized systems to decentralized ones;

  • from hierarchical power systems to flat peer-to-peer ones;

  • from closed and exclusive systems to open (source), inclusive and transparent ones;

  • from linear systems of production and consumption to circular ones.

This is nothing new; it is about getting back to our rootOver the years, slowly but surely we see these changes happen in a variety aspects of our lives. It got a huge boost when blockchain technology was introduced in 2008. Many people believe that blockchain technology is all about money, but that is absolutely not the case. Blockchain technology is fundamentally about trust and about empowering people, and it enables us to build the people powered societies we envision.

Our Impact

The adventure of building people powered societies started in 2017. It started in a variety of places, with a diverse group of people and businesses, under different names and labels. Individually and collectively, we have built collaborative communities to decentralized autonomous organizations, from peer to peer exchange of value to alternative models to finance sustainable projects, and from creating educational programs to implementing community currencies.


We exist to build people powered societies. That is what we conceptualize and validate. What we implement and educate. And what we support and advocate. That is what we have done and will continue to do so.

Our Focus

Initiate. Our core focus is initiating projects to find new models to collaborate, and how we do business and organize society. In here, we create and validate concepts, attract partners and organize the required finances.

Collaborate. We are partners and advisors to those working on solutions that contribute to building people powered societies. To these pioneers, we provide strategic advice, business development, and partnership consulting. 


Educate. Education is a key driver for change. That is why we actively work with students, universities and regular businesses, and educate them via lectures, workshops, educational programs, and papers.